Notes for a TLP talk

1. Terms that describe the current state

–Negative polarization. Political energy comes from hatred of the other side. May not even like the leaders on your side.

–Zero cognitive empathy. Unable to imagine that the other side is reasonable. Makes you inclined to want to make the other side disappear.

–Asymmetric insight. The belief that the other side does not realize what its motives are, but you do.

2. The desired state

–Widespread cognitive empathy

–Goal in political arguments is to understand the other side, not to humiliate it.

3. Three-axes model

progressive: oppressor-oppressed

conservative: civilization-barbarism

libertarian: liberty-coercion

4. example: “de-fund the police”

5. axes of demonization?

6. the Trump era–elites vs. populists

7. example: defer to health authorities on the virus?