Should the U.S. Return to the Gold Standard


Krystina Alarcon of Fox News interviewed me this morning about why the exchange rate of the dollar and the price of gold tend to move in opposite directions. I think she did a nice job of splicing together my answers to various questions. I loved the way she started it.

I referred to the work of Lawrence H. White, George Selgin, and Christy Romer, but in her editing she didn’t use those parts.

It’s just under 3 minutes long.


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Guest Contribution: “International Factor Payments and the Pandemic”

Today we are fortunate to have as a guest contributor Joseph Joyce, Professor of Economics and M. Margaret Ball Professor of International Relations at Wellesley College. Trade in goods and services constitutes the most visible component of globalization. But there are also markets for labor and capital, the factors of production, as workers and firms seek […]

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A modest case for school reopening at the margin

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is one excerpt: First and most important, there is a distinction between children spreading the virus and children spreading the virus through school activities. The case against a physical reopening rests on the public health dangers, but the relevant question is relative. Even if the schools […]

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