The authoritarian personality

This was in infamous concept that supposedly characterized the right. But Jordan Moss and Peter J. O’Connor write,

Individuals high in authoritarianism – regardless of whether the hold politically correct or rightwing views – tend to score highly on DT and entitlement. Such individuals therefore are statistically more likely than average to be higher in psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism and entitlement. We found both moderate bivariate effects and unique effects (regression coefficients) and conclude that the DT and entitlement have important shared and unique effects in predicting our attitudinal outcomes.

Pointer from Zaid Jilani.

In other words, somebody who likes to act out extreme political views is likely to have the “dark triad” (DT) personality characteristics. But we are in an environment of “the other side does it,” so people are willing to excuse the nuts on their own side, which encourages them.

By the way, I have not seen one defense of President Trump’s executive orders bypassing Congress on the next round of “stimulus” that isn’t of the form “the other side does it.” That means it is not an acceptable defense, in my view.