Singapore markets in some things not everything

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is looking to launch no-destination flights that will depart from and land in Changi Airport next month, in a bid to give its ailing business a lift.

Sources told The Straits Times that the national carrier is working towards launching this option for domestic passengers – dubbed “flights to nowhere” – by end-October.

They said SIA also plans to explore a partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board to allow interested passengers to partially pay for such flights with tourism credits that will be given out by the Government.

Each flight is expected to take about three hours…

He is confident that there will be demand for such flights in Singapore should they eventually be launched.

A survey of 308 people that his firm conducted found 75 per cent were willing to pay for flights to nowhere.

It is to be bundled with airport shopping and limo transfers.  Here is the full story.  In my neck of the woods, here is a story about Fairfax County bus drivers being paid to push around empty buses, although no one wishes to ride along.

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