Anti-liberal intellectuals on the American right

In May, C. Bradley Thompson wrote,

Last August, the Claremont Review, long a bastion of pro-American conservative thought, published a review by Michael Anton of a little-known and self-published book titled Bronze Age Mindset (hereafter BAM) by the queerly-named Bronze Age Pervert (hereafter BAP).

The essay takes on the anti-liberal American Right. I should note that the essay was published by The American Mind, which is also a Claremont enterprise. Good for them for publishing something that is highly critical of a subset of the Claremonters, although their intention may have been to put his blood in the water for hostile sharks to locate. For an example of the sharks, see Arthur Bloom.

Then there is this follow-up blog post by Thompson.

I now recognize more clearly than before that the great task for those who still want to defend the founders’ philosophy of Americanism is to answer the challenge posed by the Fight Club Right. We must demonstrate that the classical-liberal tradition of the founders is not a philosophy for perpetual losing, nor is it a Zombie-like philosophy for the walking dead. Instead, we must demonstrate how and why the philosophy of Americanism can actually win the twenty-first century Kulturkampf.

Thanks to a reader for a pointer to Thompson’s blog. I am inclined to think that the illiberal intellectuals on the right have even less impact on our political culture than libertarians. So not quite worth the rhetorical energy that Thompson gives to them.

Also, listen to Thompson’s interview with Dave Rubin. The last 10 minutes or so, they talk about the virus lockdowns as arbitrary edicts that have the potential to provoke people into reviving the spirit of the original American revolution. Don Boudreaux sounds ready for such a revival.