FITS update

I have a spreadsheet with names, listed by position. Don’t worry about the positions so much at this point. When something is in parentheses after a someone’s name, it means they are also eligible at another position.

You should not be able to edit the spreadsheet. If you want some other names on it, suggest them with a comment.

This is not the final list. They are not listed in any sort of priority order. I am still working on the format for the game.

Tyler has some thoughts on how he would choose a team.

Actually, I do think the point is to pick “the best, per se.” If you Google “hundred leading intellectuals” you will get dreck. My guess is that if you polled academic departments you would get dreck.

The motivation for this project is the almost total lack of overlap between “famous intellectual” or “renowned intellectual” and someone I would regard as a great mentor for a college-age student. I won’t hold it against someone that he or she is famous. But I don’t think you could field a decent team if you restrict yourself to those who are famous.