Virus update

1. In a podcast with Russ Roberts, John Cochrane says,

We can talk about medicines and vaccines–those maybe could go wrong–but a test cannot hurt you unless you take this extraordinarily paternalistic view that you might do something bad with the information that you get with the test, which is in fact the kind of view that they take.

He is questioning the way that the FDA is conservative about approving tests.

To this day, I cannot understand the failure to do regular random-sample testing. I really want to send our public health officials walking across a live minefield wearing blindfolds, so that they can get a sense of how they are providing us with information that would be helpful.

2. A well-known COVID tracker is shutting down. They say that the CDC is now a better data source. The 7-day moving average daily death rate is the number I watch. I really would like to see it take another dive like it did the week after Valentine’s Day.

3. Israeli health officials are effusively praising the vaccine. But the overall numbers for cases and deaths in Israel are not plunging. Maybe in another couple of weeks?