Organized resistance

1. Academic Freedom Alliance. Pointer from Tyler Cowen.

The AFA seeks to counteract pressures on employers to take actions against employees whose views, statements, or teachings they may disapprove or dislike. We oppose such pressures from the government, college or university officials, and individuals or groups inside or outside colleges and universities.

I clicked on “members” and it seems like a prestigious list. FITS candidates include Cowen, Pinker, Haidt. . .

2. Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism. Pointer from a commenter. This one looks even better.

Increasingly, American institutions — colleges and universities, businesses, government, the media and even our children’s schools — are enforcing a cynical and intolerant orthodoxy. This orthodoxy requires us to view each other based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender and sexual orientation. It pits us against one another, and diminishes what it means to be human.

And check out their Board of Advisors. FITS candidates include Kmele Foster, Coleman Hughes, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Pinker, Pluckrose. . .

It looks like they are ready to take the fight to the K-12 sector, where I believe it may be most needed. I think this one is worth joining.