Another FITs team

This one calls itself “The Definite Optimists.” They had the next to last pick in the first round of the Fantasy Intellectuals draft. I thought that this was another team that stayed away from mood affiliation.

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In order, its picks were:

1 Coleman Hughes
2 Noah Smith
3 Heather Heying
4 Andrew Sullivan
5 Megan McArdle
6 Douglas Murray
7 Miles Kimball
8 Mike Solana
9 Joseph Henrich
10 Anne Applebaum
11 Larry Summers
12 Peter Attia
13 Alexey Guzey
14 Applied Divinity Studies (pseudonym)
15 Nintil (pseudonym)

This was a nice variety of picks. The top 5 are capable of earning steel-manning points. Joseph Henrich and Larry Summers are clever later-round picks, likely to score meme points for WEIRD and “secular stagnation,” respectively. Yes, I know that Larry did not coin secstag, but he recently re-popularized it, just as Paul Krugman recently re-popularized “liquidity trap.”